Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I recently blogged on the Mini MOC Madness event held by Lowlug, a Dutch AFOL group. Manfred Moolhuysen was kind enough to fill in my missing information.

House Painting is by Marakoeschtra (Martin Jaspers). Manfred tells me that some Dutch fans really do paint their homes orange for the World Cup, and prizes are given for the best orange-decorated street.

Oops is by PJ Bosman. The figures on the balcony are Queen Beatrix and Orince Willem-Alexander.

Soccer fans is by MOCkingbird. The portrait on the neighbor's wall is of Queen Beatrix.

Buried in orange is by Stuifzand.

And, as previously mentioned Keep them rolling was Manfred's contribution.

Thanks, Manfred!

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