Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Izzo Yoshi presents several vignettes. Some of these have definite Japanese cultural references, so hopefully we can persuade Dunechaser of Pan-Pacific Bricks to fill us in.

Kimodameshi is referred to as a "Test of a courage in the night - Japanese seasonal thing". It seems to me a bit like the haunted houses Americans go to at Halloween.

The Spider's Thread is a "Short Story written by Ryunosuke Akutagawa in 1918". Here is a translation into English.

Momotaro is "the legend of a hero in Japan". Here he is on Wikipedia, and here are two different English language versions of the story.

Finally, and this one needs no explanation, he uses microscale techniques and perspective tricks to show us Petti Castle 01.

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Andrew B. said...

I have a whole bunch of stuff bookmarked in my "To Blog" folder. Sigh...

Bruce said...

Hey Andrew,

Did I get the cultural references roughly correct?