Monday, July 03, 2006

Attack of the killer carrots

I'm not exactly sure what's going on in this vig, and neither is Jeffery MacEachern. Perhaps he's climbed up a giant beanstalk. Perhaps he's got really good fertilizer. Either way, he's sure to win the blue ribbon at the state fair. Trapped in the giant vegetable garden


Anonymous said...

I must say that I am always impressed with the humour on VigBricks - you always have a pun for every post! :) I would note that this was a quick, random build, and is not indicative of my skill - check my Brickshelf gallery (name link) for some better MOCs.

Bruce said...

Thanks Jeff. I was inspired by Kevoh at Golden Shpleen to try to come up with catchy titles.

Agreed that this is no knock on your general skillz. I particularly like your microscale spaceships, btw.