Monday, January 31, 2011

Competition Time!

Throughout February, Vignette Bricks and the LEGO Vignettes Flickr group will be running a competition around the theme of "Murderous Minifigs!"

Build an 8x8 vignette scene depicting a murder...

There are two categories:

A classic Cluedo scene; featuring characters, locations and weapons from the boardgame; eg. "Professor Plum, in the ballroom, with a revolver" or "Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory, with the lead piping" etc.

Or a remix version; featuring characters, locations and weapons from out of your fevered imagination; eg. "Captain Magnolia, in the woodshed, with a stuffed muskrat" or whatever.

- Vignettes must feature a victim, a murderer (named after a colour), a recognisable location and a murder weapon.
- Scenes must be put together on an 8x8 base, with a maximum of 1 stud "overhang".
- Murderers should be dressed predominantly in the colour represented by their name - customisation is allowed for this element.
- Custom weapons are allowed if you really feel you have to.
- The competition runs for the whole of February.
- Judges are Bruce and Rod from Vignette Bricks, and Roo from the LEGO Vignettes Flickr group.

- Each category winner will receive a new LEGO "impulse"-sized set and a couple of shiny new Collectible Minifig bags. More importantly, they will be proclaimed "Kings of Vigs" (at least until we run another competition).

- Maximum of 2 entries per person, 1 in each category.
- Build something new.
- Entries should be posted in the entry thread over at the LEGO Vignettes group on Flickr.
- Questions about the rules etc can be posted in the "Q&A Thread" over there too.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


My apologies for my lack of blogging in recent weeks. I've been busy with family and holidays and also with the administration of the Colossal Castle Contest. Anyway, the Forbidden Cove has started up the Jolly Roger Contest II, a multi-category contest, and one of the categories is for 16x16 bignettes. One of the first I've seen is Wittmann's excellent keelhauled.