Monday, July 10, 2006


Manfred Moolhuysen reports on the Mini-Moc-Madness event at a recent Lowlug (Dutch AFOL group) meeting:

"Building a Bignette is a traditional contest called “Mini Moc Madness” during “Lowlug”-events, each time round a theme given some time in advance. For our latest gathering the assignment was “orange sentiment”, obviously refering to the colour Dutch soccer fans dress in, and other likewise related madness, but it can also be linked to the Dutch royal family (House of Orange) and in my case, to the liberation of The Netherlands in 1944-1945."

On to the bignettes themselves:

First there is Manfred's Keep them rolling - a group that preserves WWII-era vehicles celbrating the anniversary of the liberation of Holland.

Other Lowlug members (could anyone fill us in as to who built what?) made scenes like House painting.

Oops, in which some kids playing soccer break the wrong window.

Be sure to check out the other side.

Soccer fans watch the World Cup in one apartment ...

... while their neighbor tries to read.

Finally, I'm not quite sure how this guy got buried in orange.

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