Wednesday, June 17, 2009

V-pods, anyone?

I'm not sure when Elflands was posted, but as Nermal notes, "No one makes V-Pods anymore. Shame."

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Jonny Mnemonic said...

Weren't they actually called X-Pods?

XIAZERAN said...

Yup. Those were X-pods.

And it is a shame.

Bricktales said...

The little sets that came in a container were called X-pods.

Vignette MOCs made of parts that all fit within the container, and the constructed scene usually incorporates the container, were dubbed V-pods. I've stopped updating my index of featured MOCs, but here is a listing of a bunch of V-pods made by various AFOLs:

Matt said...

I loved the X-Pod line. Thanks for the list of V-pods, I hadn't seen all of them. There was another form of x-pod building where you could build a moc and the whole thing disassembled would fit inside the pod container. I don't remember if there was a name for them but they were pretty ingenious.