Monday, June 08, 2009

Somewhere in Nevada...

Before I get to my first post:
Hello, I'm Harrison (Corran101), and I am one of the new contributers to VignetteBricks.
Now, to the post...

I just came across 2 Much Caffeine's "Boxing the Ark" vignette.
Boxing the Ark
I had seen it when it was new, but after coming across it again (now that I'm a contributor to the blog), I feel it should be blogged.
The crates are a nice combination of standard Lego crates with brick-built ones, along with SNOT for the base, and a neat tile pattern on the walls.

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Anonymous said...

Is that a Madness Combat reference?

Corran101 said...

You mean "Somewhere in Nevada..."?
It was just a general reference to area 51, where the warehouse is located.