Thursday, October 02, 2008

Brick Science wrap-up, Good Scientist impulse build category

Okay, continuing on, my thoughts on a few favorites from the good scientist impulse build category from the Brick Science contest.

Sir Nadroj's Dr. Able Tosplice was my pick for my personal favorite GEM award. There are just such great build details here, like the lightsaber table legs, that great microscope, and the clever way the skelly his held up on the stand. The real clincher here, though, is the use of that Scala necklace as a DNA model. That's just a beautiful idea. Those details are just the sorts of things you might expect to see sitting around a geneticists office.

TK1420's Marie and Pierre Curie won the category. Some nice details behind them, especially that bell jar, but the cool add-on here is the black-light version with the glowing rod.

Obxcrew's Dr. Jijikine has some nice build details in the laser, such as the use of the torso, but that little wooden table is what really grabbed me. I think it's only held together by the rubber bands, which also make a good visual detail. Nice. The tire as Russian hat goes perfectly with that beard and trench coat.

Lord Pappadhum's Professor Herbert Jaarkopf is a nice idea. The mechanism is very clean and the color scheme is good. Some nice details like the hands as switches. I agree with the person on Flickr who commented that the head was particularly well chosen.

Junsier's Leianator. LOL. Very clever idea.

Crises' Fertilizer has hands down the best fig-scale microscope I've seen (and there are a couple other really nice ones in this competition). The other lab equipment and the drawer on the lab bench are nice as well. The contrast between the unfertilized and fertilized plants is great.

Legostargalactica's D. M. Jeftinija Ph.D. has another great microscope design. Also A+ for the real science of the backstory. In general I gave higher marks to those with real science rather than "here's the scientist with his super-laser" MOCs.

Ean H.'s Bigger, Better Appleradish is really well presented. The machines are clean and well constructed (great use of that windscreen element). Good fig choice as well.

Nolnet's Tricia Schultz is a fun idea, the clear tubing as the trail of the fly is clever.

In George Fox's Frog Levitation, LEGO magnets are used in a way I've never seen before. It'd be cool to see what other levitating MOCs could use this idea.

Michael Haymore's Human Transporter is a funny trick that I didn't see at first glance.

SuperDave's high school science teacher is a great tribute. The ring stand is a particularly nice design. Love that he's testing the hammer versus feather falling (though shouldn't he be doing this in a vacuum, and if he is in a vacuum, why is he smiling?).

Marta Legominha's Robert Bunsen is both funny and gets extra points for choosing an experiment I've taught many times. I'm not sure why the arms are on backwards, though.

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mooP said...

The transporter one is mine :D (I am Michael) and I gotta say, I do feel good about that one, I only spent an hour or so making it, and it was the first vignette I've done, so I'm pleased with how it came out.

I'm most impressed by those creations where someone takes a piece, and uses it in a new, creative way that I would never have thought of!