Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What a difference a week makes

I've been gone for most of the past week, and several great creations have been posted in the meantime.

Mumu prepares for Girls' Day with his Hinamatsuri.

Andrew Becraft (Dunechaser) teaches us the perils of vilolating cross-cultural etiquette in Joe Vig the Gaijin.

Much as shoes are not allowed in Japanese homes, BuilderQ reminds us that there are No horses in church.

This has been posted before, but Mumu has reposted his great Battle on the Tooth.

FallenPhoenix (aka Modesty) entered the CC Heroes and Villains contest with his Vikings ... attack.

Andrew Becraft (Dunechaser) wonders what would happen if Joe Vig took a .

StarDIC brings us a scene from The Temple of Doom.

Olympic women's figure skating starts tonight. Andrew Becraft (Dunechaser) celebrates (well, kind of) with Michelle Kwan.

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