Monday, February 06, 2006

All the words of my mouth are just

Izzo has wrapped up his series of 44 Japanese proverbs in an 8x8 format. They can also be found in his Brickshelf galleries and translated on Dunechaser's Pan Pacific Bricks. We'll finish our series of highlights with five from the last two sets:

The pestle handle I took hold of in the past (Skills you learn as a young man don't wane as you grow older)

A sword returns to its sheath (To kiss and make up)

Carelessness is the greatest enemy (Danger comes when you least expect it)

The seed of pleasure is pain; the seed of pain is pleasure (No pain, no gain)

Fortune enters by a merry gate

P.S. Bonus points to whoever can figure out the significance of the title for this post.


Andrew B. said...

Proverbs 8:8 (NIV). I didn't spend 16 years in a private religious school system and not learn to recognize a Bible version when I see one... :-)

Bruce said...

Ding ding ding! Give that man a prize. I figure Proverbs 8:8 was a pretty good reference for a set of 8x8 proverbs. Your prize is, um, to get 7 links to your blog pages on my front page. ;)

Andrew B. said...

LOL! Nice. Watch that Google page rank soar! But I think you've already linked to PPB that many times in the last month or so, thanks to Izzo.

(And I meant "verse," though "version" isn't entirely inaccurate -- I did identify the New International Version, after all. Heh heh.)