Monday, January 23, 2006

Community news

I try to keep a pretty good link list of the LEGO community over there on the right -->. However, any comprehensive list of links is doomed to be outdated as soon as it is posted; sites that are included go dead and new sites are created constantly. The solution is to have a community-based interactive link list. Check out Wiki-Brick-Links, a new Wiki site where anyone can log in and edit the link list to add new links or flag dead links. With your help, we can have a constantly updated listing of LEGO fan sites around the world.

In other news, LEGO has announced an exciting upcoming theme. Na na na na na na na na Batman! These sets will be released later this year, and I'm sure we'll see some great vigs inspired by this line. Watch this space, because I'm thinking about holding a contest when these sets come out. Same bat-time, same bat-URL. See more pics from this theme here.

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roo said...

The Batman sets (and especially the minifigs) look great. Just what we've been wating for, and very exciting.