Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mining his own business

Sumi-handy finds some treasure in Gold Rush.


Andrew B. said...

Hey Bruce,

Sumi-Handy just posted this vignette over on his blog. He says he caught a cold after uploading the pictures to Brickshelf, and he was very surprised and pleased to have you pick up this vignette on VB.

He also says that many of the items he's uploaded recently have been creations by his kids, so it's nice to get back to building himself.

sumi_handy said...

Dear Bruce,
I feel very happy to see my vignette appears on your blog. Thank you very much for picking it up. I was surprised to see it after coming back from a bad cold as dunchaser commented for me. It actually cheered me up very much also because this is my first vignette. I hope I can create further more.