Monday, October 10, 2005

Trophy Room

Patrick Yrizarry's VLC Trophy Room:

From the memoirs of Marcus Reginald Thunder (1918 – 2005):

“My fondest childhood memories revolve around the great home of my uncle, the famed explorer and adventurer, Jonathan Thunder. His great country-side mansion contained priceless treasures from around the globe, but none were as valuable as the stories told by an old man to an eager young nephew…”

“The largest room in his manor, the great Trophy Room, was furnished only with the collectible souvenirs of a lifetime of globe-trotting and adventuring - prizes from an age when a man could voyage the free earth and leave his great mark upon a thousand foreign lands.”

“Here in this room my Uncle told me the greatest stories ever imagined…”

And some Entomology Vignettes

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Those two have got to be one of the greatest builders around