Friday, October 07, 2005

BrickFest 2005

Oops, I never posted any extensive report on the vignettes presented at BrickFest 2005 back in August. Almost all of the vignettes that were there can be found in this gallery.

Fest attendees voted on the different creations, and the "Most Humorous" award was won by Jude Beaudin for Burning Sensation.

Scott Quirk garnered the "Most Contemplative" award with a series of BrickBard vignettes, illustrating different lines from Shakespeare like "What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?" and "O! Swear not by the moon . . . ".

The "Most Intricate" award went to Mangus Langlo for his Under siege!.

Shades of Gray? earned Curt Werline the "Best Sig Fig" prize.

Finally, Adrian Drake captured "Best of Show" with his Death of the Superagent series.

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