Sunday, September 18, 2005

Classic-Castle MOC the Admins results

Classic-Castle recently held a MOC the Admins, where forum members were invited to create vignettes featuring the website administrators. And the winner is ... Nelson Yrizarry's Holy Grail.

"In his search for rare minifig shield torsos, Ben disgards the most sacred relic. Bruce and Nate look on...."

What makes this vig, IMO, is the action in the scene, with the grail flying through the air and Nate and I moving to catch it.

Honorable mentions go to:

Nathan Cunningham: Nathan Locking a Post (an Outpost). This one gets extra groan points for a horrific pun. For non-forum regulars, one of the jobs of admins is to lock off-topic posts.

Nelson Yrizarry: Ultimate Wisdom. Nelson's second entry uses the same building style as Steve DeCraemer's great cliff. This scene gets bonus credit for featuring all seven CC admins. To me it loses a little bit because the payoff with Joe Vig is a little muddled.

Sir Dillon 1: Nate's Barbarians Turn on Him. Nate has created his own barbarian faction that Dillon uses here. Good action shot with the falling barbarian.

Other Entries:

Nathan Cunningham: Lord Sava the Teaser. For what seemed like months, Anthony teased us with hints of his upcoming castle before finally revealing it. This vig gets bonus points for referencing my prison vig.

Dale Stoltzfus: Anthony Vig. Anthony is known for building large dragons. Apparently one came by for a visit.

Rubberchickenknight 1: Nathan summons the ghost of Ole Kirk Christiansen to help him build.

Rubberchickenknight 2: Anthony hugs his teddy when he thinks of the evil things under his bed.

Maedhros 1: Sava showing a novice builder how a castle should look like.

Maedhros 2: Bruce defending the precious broadswords from KKIIsword-wielding He-mans. This references a discussion we had on the relative merits of the various LEGO swords.

Pat Morgan: Ben Ellerman at the Girls Gone Wild club. Who knew what Ben did when he wasn't playing with LEGO?

Pat Morgan: "Lenny goes to Brickfest and has taken enough crap about building in space from Tony, Ben, and Nathan". Pat highlights the friendly rivalry between builders in different themes. Of course, Nate, Ben and Tony are all known to cross themes as well.

Erik Dahl: The Classic Castle. This one gets a lot of credit for featuring CC members and their creations in addition to admins. Unfortunately it's a little tough to take this all in.

Sir Dillon 2: Lenny decides that it probably wasn't a good idea to tease the "Big red jellybean knight":

Darkie: Nate and Ginny, Sittin' in a Tree. From some late night chatting, it came out that Nate had a bit of a crush on Ginny Weasley.

Chris Malloy: One Suckup. Apparently Ginney Weasley isn't the only woman in Nate's life. ;)


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