Friday, April 23, 2010

Does size matter?

Crises laments that bigger MOCs get noticed while smaller ones do not. Personally I don't feel this is so. Here, at MicroBricks and to some extent at MinilandBricks I celebrate great smaller MOCs. Tony made a great point in the comments that venue is very important. When I'm online, looking at a 600x450 pixel photo, I'd actually rather look at a smaller MOC - if the MOC is some layout covering multiple baseplates, you just can't see the details. OTOH, if you were at a fan convention or other public showing, I can see why a huge castle or something draws attention away from a much smaller MOC.

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crises_crs said...

This site is great example that size does not matter. As I'm mainly vig builder, that's why this is one of my favourite places.
It's good to be heared. Thanks for blogging.

PS. I wouldn't say it's a lament :]

rjg173 said...

At the upcoming Brick Magic event, I'm taking mostly vignettes. They'll probably be ignored by the general public.