Wednesday, July 01, 2009

More fun than a barrel of barrels

The Forbidden Cove is starting monthly seed part challenges - basically build a vig based around a specified part. This month it is the small barrel. How can you use it creatively? I've seen, for instance, stacks of barrels as tree trunks or ships' masts. Or just build a great little pub vignette full of barrels of ale. Be sure to read the rules. The prize each month will be the seed part - maybe in a rare color, maybe multiples, depending on what Blue can find. (Btw, who knew the barrel was available in so many colors? I did remember the light blue ones in a Racers set and the use of gray ones as engines or something in the UCS X-wing, but they've added several other variants more recently) I'm looking forward to featuring some great MOCs.

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