Monday, July 14, 2008


LugBrasil is holding a Sci-Fi Contest. Build an 8x12 vig in a science fiction theme and submit it for fame and glory. Thanks to EvilDead at Klocki for the heads-up.

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Sophie said...

First of all YAY!!!! im the first!!!! second i dont speak portugese wich is what they mostly speak there. soooo i dont understand the contest like what are the prizes?, how many studs (for instance 8x8)?, and such so if someone could tell me that would be nice

Thanx <3 ;)

Bricktales said...

Hi Sophie,

The size limit is 8x12 stud base, no limit on the height. Entries are due by July 27, so this is a tight deadline. The only prize is fame and glory, with a featured article on your MOC on LugBrasil.