Saturday, April 05, 2008


I've seen Dungeons and Dragons in the news a couple of times recently. About a month ago, creator E. Gary Gygax passed away. Then a few days ago I saw a story that they're trying to create an online version. Anyway, DnD has certainly inspired a lot of MOCs, such as the series The Adventures of Sir Zomberth by Lord Gianguglielmo Pappadhum. He includes scenes like Don't go underground alone, Don't be silly, who'd put a trap here? and Behold!.

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Lord Gianguglielmo Pappadhum said...

Honored, I'm honored. :-)

Just a note - the 7 (for now...) vignettes of the Adventures of Sir Zomberth series have been built serially, one per each day, using (almost) exclusively with bricks from 4 sets: 4489 mini AT-AT™, 7091 Knights' Catapult Defense, 7657 AT-ST™ and 4994 Fierce Creatures.

Again, honored, I am!