Monday, February 04, 2008

Wall vigs

Yesterday I posted what I speculated might be the first wall vig. A commenter noted that Paul Donis has previously made Fridge Magnets. This is such a cool idea. When I last was at a LEGO store, they had magnets on clearance, so maybe I'll have to run out and get a few packs for this purpose.

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Nathan said...

This really is an awesome idea. I wouldn't put any of mine on the fridge, on account of nieces and nephews running around (nothing is safe! :-P), but I'll definitely be trying some of these as soon as I get an idea. Cool find!

"Big Daddy" Nelson said...

Shucks, I thought I was going to be able to put my MOCs like this up first, but I didn't get my SAH order yet. Oh, well.

I planned to call these "Magnettes", since they are vignettes with magnets in them. :)

Nathan said...

I planned to call these "Magnettes", since they are vignettes with magnets in them. :)

Love it! :-D

Bruce said...

Hey Nelson,

Looking forward to your MOCs! Okay, if they just hang, we'll call them wall vigs, but the subset of wall vigs that stick to the fridge will henceforth be known as magnettes. I've got a couple of ideas for wall vigs myself (no magnet bricks here), so hopefully I'll get a chance to do some building this weekend.


Tyler said...

I've done this before. They weren't as complex though... I just took a 6x6 plate and shoved it bewteen the lines of studs, makeing a platform. Your are much cooler!

Aziza said...

Keep up the good work.