Saturday, September 22, 2007


Unfortunately I can't link images off of the Lowlug site, so when they hold their periodic Mini-MOC-Madness contests, I have to wait until people post their creations on Brickshelf, Flickr, or some other site, to have anything other than text here. Anyway, Jovel has recently posted Oh what fun, a ravine (second place entry in the "Vacation" contest) and Tornado (fourth place entry in the "Weather" contest). It looks like time for the next contest, with the theme "Gladly that I file" (hmm, that's what Babelfish gives me; maybe someone could leave a comment with a better translation). --Update: Marakoeschtra has let me know that it should be "Gladly that I drive."-- Keep tuned for entries and winners from the new contest.

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marakoeschtra said...

The theme for the current MMM is "gladly that I drive" (it sounds better in Dutch)

Bruce said...

Thanks! I've updated the original post. Looking forward to the entries.