Thursday, March 08, 2007

State of the blog

Just to follow up on VB's second anniversary, the past two years have been great for vig building. Since starting this blog, I've logged 916 vignettes, 98 bignettes, 21 v-pods, and 10 baseless vigs, created by about 321 builders. Our most prolific builder is Nelson Yrizarry, with 93 blogged creations, followed by Steve Bishop, with 72 blogged creations. Other prolific builders include Nathan Wells (30), Nathan Cunningham (28), Izzo and Moko (27 each), and Shane Larson (21). I've got 37 myself, but that's not a fair comparison since I put all of my own vig creations on the blog and only choose a selection of others' creations. There have been a number of vignette themed contests over the past year--the most significant was probably the FBTB Star Wars vignette contest. Annual bignette traditions include Mini MOC Madness in the Netherlands and the Odaiba contest in Japan. VB has also spun off another blog, MicroBricks, which focuses on microscale creations. I'm looking forward to another year of great creations; thanks for sticking with VB over the past two years.


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

I love to read this site's updates. I'm glad that people out there make this stuff, and that people make it viewable! I myself love making vignettes, so love seeing them.

Nelson Yrizarry and Steve Bishop are some of the best ever, but, as a personal friend of his, I'd like to congratulate the ingenius builder Nathan Cunningham, the ever-so-sly Great Sly Pig!

May the Vigging continue for many years to come!

Athos said...

Gah! Still came in second this year...

Congrats on two years Bruce.