Thursday, November 30, 2006

'Tare the seasons

Hey, let's learn our seasons!

Darkie celebrates the recent weather in the Pacific northwest with Icy!.

Soon we'll all be dreaming of the return of spring. When it comes, though, be sure to beware the Bunny Brigade, as Histo-Sci warns us.

After that we'll come back to the balmy days of summer. Time to work out in the yard with k-hatch's Topiary Brick. Interesting gardening tools there.

Then on to Autumn, an old vig by me.

And back around to winter again.

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The Warrior said...

Oh, I can't believe it!

You posted me here!?!!??!!? (I'm Histo-Sci.)

THANK YOU! I've got tons more vigs, and am working on uploading a ton more. Have you heard of my superhero series? How did you see this one?

I'm totally blogging this!

So thanks!

The Warrior said...

Oh btw, that comment...ha, you see what I mean. ;-)

Nathan said...

Hey, it's been a while! :-P

I've always been a fan of your Autumn vig, Bruce. The Winter and Summer ones are awesome, too; they both employ simple techniques that would look great in my own building sometime.

I also think it's really great that you posted Dr. Paleo's vig here. He uses my site to post his vignettes, and certainly has some cool creations. :-)

The Warrior said...

Oh man, thanks buddy! I know, I do post my stuff at his site. That's where The Warrior debuted.

fabiano said...

nice. poor nature. =( oh well. grin and bear it. :D