Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Please size your pics


If you try to scroll down you may have problems with your browser lagging (depending on your connection, I suppose). This is because some Brickshelf users do not resize their images. I can compress these on the screen with html taggs, but the data is still all there for really huge images. If you post pics on Brickshelf and actually want people to look at them (and why else would you post pics on a public site), please please resize them to something like 800x600 or smaller. There are various free software solutions to do this, including programs you can download, programs that probably came pre-installed on your computer, or something that came with your digital camera. You might want to read this recent Lugnet thread for some thoughts on presenting images on Brickshelf.


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Bill Ward said...

Or better yet, post on Flickr which resizes the pics to a variety of sizes automatically. And it has a much better UI.