Friday, June 16, 2006

Archives updated

Hey all,

My index of featured vignettes was woefully out of date. Well, now it's been brought up to date and vastly expanded. Go over to the box in the sidebar and see.

BTW, does anyone actually use this index? I index because I'm obsessive about organizing, but I wonder if I'm the only person who has ever looked at these. Now I'm going through and updating the woefully-out-of-date set of blog links.


RichardAM said...

When I first found your blog Bruce I trailed through every post there was!

I do dip into the archives every so often. If i'm stuck for an idea or creatively depressed i'll see what others have done in the past and modify the idea a little or spawn something related to it.

But nah, the archives are great as are the indexes of featured! Keep them going!

Nathan Cunningham said...

Ah, I was wondering when you'd update these! I check the archives quite often; most often it's for creative inspiration, but I must admit I also use it to feed my ego by counting how many times I've been blogged! lol :-P

Speaking of vigs, I've been inspired a lot on my vacation and will have plenty new ones when I get back. :-)

Thanks for updating!

Bruce said...

Well, it's good to know that at least a couple of people check the indexes. I actually started doing the alphabetical index in the first place to avoid double-posting on the same vigs. Now it's just obsessive behavior on my part. I'll keep it up.

Bruce said...

BTW, Nathan, I'm looking forward to your new vigs.