Thursday, August 18, 2005

Contact me

If you have any vignette news or questions, there are three ways you can contact me:

1. At the bottom of any blog entry, click on the spot where it says "0 comments" and leave a comment.

2. Join in the discussion at either or Classic-Castle. I'm a regular poster at both of these forums.

3. E-mail me at bricktalesATgmailDOTcom.


Anonymous said...

I find your site very interesting, I had a lot of fun viewing it. I was a Lego fan a long time ago, and I could remember here a couple of marvelous objects I had forgotten. Thanks!

Alejandro, Colombia, South America

Anonymous said...

This might interest you: this lego vignette-style scene of jonathan ross (a UK tv presenter) was bought by the tv show on ebay and talked about

Anonymous said...

Very nice site, I rediscovered it through your link from FBTBforums. I applaud your efforts at amassing vigs for the public to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your site, I keep getting inspirated by the vignettes you show in your blog and that's quite useful for me, as I am a brickfilmer from germany (so forgive me if I make any mistakes)

I was wondering wether you could post a vignette I made that shows me and my friends in our studio where we make our films. I guess it fits in the category of a vignette and I hope you like it. Here's the brickshelf-link

And if you're interested in the movies we make, visit our website

Greetings and thanks for this blog, Hendrik@nichtgedreht

Anonymous said...

Hi, We as LEGO subdistributor in Medan, Indonesia is doing a charity event calls "LEGO Milipede - Charity Fund Raiser"

We are collecting fund for YAYASAN ABDI KASIH (YADIKA), a non-profit organization that is running a school and shelter for mentally challenged children suffering from autism and down-syndrome.

We are hoping that you can give a link to our side at and help spread the news.

Any donations is appreciated. Update on event and amount of donation collected will be posted daily once the event started.

Activities on event will be posted daily.

Thank you for your assistance

Anonymous said...

You haven't added to the list of blogs.

Jan Jakub Starzomski said...

Add Brick in suit to the blogs, please.

JD said...

Hello! Made a new site -

Clair said...

Hi there! I'm Japanese Lego lover.
I like you blog as much as I love Lego! :)
although spotted few mistakes... and are not in Japanese... these are in Korean.
My favourite site in Japanes is this:

Anyway, I'll add you in bookmark! Please keep it going! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, realy good site.
I love vignettes, here is topic with my vig´s:
Diidy Czech Republic

Diidy said...

Hi, realy good site.
I love vignettes, here is topic with my vig´s:
Diidy, Czech Republic

Jedd the Jedi said...

Hello, it was great coming across your site. I've been collecting and building LEGO for a long time, and found that I like building small vignettes the most. Here is a link to my Brickshelf gallery

And here are two specific vignettes for your consideration:

Indiana Jones Venice: Catacombs

Star Wars: Mustafar Duel

In case that second link is not public yet, there are some photos on the
forum thread in FBTB

Thank you so much, and keep bringing us the vigs!

Jedd Jong,
The Movie and Me Blog