Friday, May 06, 2005

Vignette-Like Creations

I've debated whether I should cover these here on VignetteBricks. I've noticed a couple of great instances of creations that are very similar to vignettes, in that they use a small scene to capture an action scene, but they sit on much larger footprints, such as 16x16 baseplates. Since these can still capture the spirit of vignettes, I'm going to refer to these as "Vignette-Like Creations", or VLCs. So, anyway, here are a couple of instances.

Odaiba Contest 3 was a recent contest held at ClickBrick, a famous LEGO shop in Tokyo. All of the entrants had to sit on 16x16 bases, and several of them were Vignette-Like Creations (more pics here):

In another recent event, it seems that Lowlug, a Dutch AFOL group, had a similar Contest involving VLC's.


Anonymous said...

I think a better monicker would be 'super-vig' -- it just seems less cumbersome.

Oh, and the site you've linked to isn't too user-friendly for non-Japanese speakers/readers. The one on the lower left of your post is the most interesting looking.

Bruce said...


To avoid the Japanese text, This link is just the raw pictures.

I agree. That coral reef VLC (super-vig?) is a beautiful creation.