Monday, January 31, 2011

Competition Time!

Throughout February, Vignette Bricks and the LEGO Vignettes Flickr group will be running a competition around the theme of "Murderous Minifigs!"

Build an 8x8 vignette scene depicting a murder...

There are two categories:

A classic Cluedo scene; featuring characters, locations and weapons from the boardgame; eg. "Professor Plum, in the ballroom, with a revolver" or "Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory, with the lead piping" etc.

Or a remix version; featuring characters, locations and weapons from out of your fevered imagination; eg. "Captain Magnolia, in the woodshed, with a stuffed muskrat" or whatever.

- Vignettes must feature a victim, a murderer (named after a colour), a recognisable location and a murder weapon.
- Scenes must be put together on an 8x8 base, with a maximum of 1 stud "overhang".
- Murderers should be dressed predominantly in the colour represented by their name - customisation is allowed for this element.
- Custom weapons are allowed if you really feel you have to.
- The competition runs for the whole of February.
- Judges are Bruce and Rod from Vignette Bricks, and Roo from the LEGO Vignettes Flickr group.

- Each category winner will receive a new LEGO "impulse"-sized set and a couple of shiny new Collectible Minifig bags. More importantly, they will be proclaimed "Kings of Vigs" (at least until we run another competition).

- Maximum of 2 entries per person, 1 in each category.
- Build something new.
- Entries should be posted in the entry thread over at the LEGO Vignettes group on Flickr.
- Questions about the rules etc can be posted in the "Q&A Thread" over there too.


Anonymous said...

Is "Cluedo" the same thing as "Clue"?

RealBrick said...

Yes, it is.